Morgan's Lions

Born in the cauldron of the battle of Huntress and composed of survivors of taskforce serpent, which rip out the smoke jaguars heart, the name Morgan's Lions is a synonym for the new starleague, loyality and professionalism. Founded as the first starleague regiment since more than 200 years, its fate is to prevent another clan invasion and to protect the peace in the inner sphere.

The Morgan's Lions were foundet in 2000 as a Mechwarrior 3 unit. The ambition of the Morgan's Lions is to find pleasure and diversion in Battletech. Since their founding, the Morgan's Lions were successfull participants in several leagues, BTU (MW3), BUE (MW4), NBT (MW4) and EBTL (MW4). We place value on teamplay, coordination, tactics to survive our enemies.

Hyperpulse News

  • In the course of this year the Morgan's Lions have reinforced and our trainings have a lively participation. Nevertheless, we still want to drop and train with other units. So keep contacting us!

    Internally we introduced a SLDF test based on Clan Nova Cat traditions. Depending on the number of kills, each recruit can enter his or hers active service on a higher rank. In addition, each recruit receives a 1RBR Starter Manual for Mechwarrior Online. This will help newcomers quickly into the game…
  • News from SpOoKy777

    News from SpOoKy777
  • We invite every Lions to participate on our brand new tourney, Urbie-out-of-the-trash. Deadline is in 4 weeks (until 2017-04-10). Everyone can participate, there are no restrictions. The enemies are drawn by a knockout system.

    Mech of choice: Urbanmech with 1 medium laser and 1 mg with 1 ton ammo.

    By the way, the winner of "Urbie-out-of-the-trash" gets 30 day premium time!!
  • Das Jahr geht zu Ende und unseren riesen Dank an die gemeinsamen Drops mit der Black Outlaws Mercenary Company [-BO-], Cerberus Garde [CG], Hanseatic League of Free Mercenaries [MERC], Clan Snowraven [CSR] und dem 140th-Striker-Cluster [BEAR]! Auch im nächsten Jahr wollen wir wieder mit anderen Einheiten droppen und eine Menge Spass gemeinsam haben. Und an die, die noch eine neue Einheit suchen: Bewerbt euch, wir haben Kekse!