Monday MechWarrior Update with Daeron #02

  • Endlich!

    Not everything listed is guaranteed to make it in. We're still considering more options. These are not listed in any particular order.


    • Change Starting Tier (to 4.5)
    • Update Trial 'Mechs (regularly with appropriate consultation)
    • Increase Cadet Bonus
    • Update In-game Tutorial
    • Establish New Player Video Tutorials (official and community)
    • MWO Discord Channel (update MW5 Discord to MWO/MW5)
    • Update Wiki / Add Wiki Contributors


    • Skill Tree / Grind Reduction
    • Remove Torso Heat Spike Mechanic
    • Heat Management Values Not Representative of Heat Efficiency
    • Simplify Command Wheel
    • Remove Time of Day Change in Matches (FPS hit)
    • UI Performance Pass / Scaling?


    • New Community-Driven Map (Community input from start to finish)
    • Update Unbalanced Maps
    • Spawn Point Fixes


    • New Community-Driven 'Mech (Community input to new 'Mech chassis choice)
    • New 'Mech Variants
    • Rescale 'Mechs (for fun and role vs volumetric)
    • Fix Mech Mobility (Desync)
    • Update Bolt-Ons (Stay Attached)
    • Quirks / Set of 8's for Under Performers
    • Armor Balance for Arm Weapon-Only 'Mechs (Jenner, Jagermech, Rifleman)
    • Weapon Balance Pass
    • IS Omnimechs / Engine Discussion


    • Review / Update Game Modes
    • Solution for Faction Play
    • Solution for Solaris
    • General Match Maker Improvements
    • 8v8 vs 12v12
    • Examine Match Scoring (AMS)
    • Remove 2 Minute Requirement for Reconnection
    • Private Lobby Updates (More Options, Maps, Host Assignment, More Spectators)
    • Dailies/Weeklies


    • Unit Recruitment Social Chat Tab
    • Remove CBill Recruitment Cost for Units
    • Refer-a-Friend Program
    • Increased API Functionality


    • Special Event Queue (Possible Faction Play/Solaris and 8v8/12v12 Solution)


    • New Player Packs
    • Starter Packs (Brawling, Long Range, Heavy)
    • Themed Packs (Pop Culture, NASCAR)
    • New Items (Metallic Paints, Custom UI Colors, Voice Packs, Sound Packs, Laser Color Customization, MechLab Customization)
    • Improve Cockpit Item Bonuses (added value)"