Morgan's Lions

Born in the cauldron of the battle of Huntress and composed of survivors of taskforce serpent, which rip out the smoke jaguars heart, the name Morgan's Lions is a synonym for the new starleague, loyality and professionalism. Founded as the first starleague regiment since more than 200 years, its fate is to prevent another clan invasion and to protect the peace in the inner sphere.

The Morgan's Lions were foundet in 2000 as a Mechwarrior 3 unit. The ambition of the Morgan's Lions is to find pleasure and diversion in Battletech. Since their founding, the Morgan's Lions were successfull participants in several leagues, BTU (MW3), BUE (MW4), NBT (MW4) and EBTL (MW4). We place value on teamplay, coordination, tactics to survive our enemies.

Hyperpulse News

  • It is urgently time for a rapport again. In fact, things have become quieter around MWO, but still there are some news to share. What has happened in the last few months? What's new? What's next? Questions about questions. First said, this update is a bit longer.
  • Another year comes to an end. Mechwarrior Online has changed less than hoped for, but the Morgan's Lions have experienced a never-before-seen increase in membership. The DSGVO unfortunately forced us to take the popular TS hub offline and yet the cooperation with other units has been excellent, so that every single evening we had a full dropship.
  • For the second time an Urbanmech tournament took place, this time with a standard autocannon/gauss and a standard energy weapon. The prize was a Warhammer IIC mech pack sponsored by Rizzi.
  • New Unitposter

    Scorescream, popular in the official MWO forums for his images, made us a great poster-scene, which was requested by G P M.
    We do not want to withhold it!