2018 - Transformation ist the new nominal

Imagine a Battletech fan deciding to play his or hers fist MWO game today. This fan finds a MWO environment, where IS mechs tend to be superior to Clan mechs. He finds a Solaris, where the battles are being fought with a few dominant builds in a one minute firefight. Which must be a nightmare from the point of view of sponsors or marketing in 3062. But not only for them.

Things have changed for die-hard MWO players as well, such as the dominance of LRM boats and the new raison d'être for Assault LRM 'Mechs. Even those successful Assault AC2 builds just look wrong.

So how do you react to that? We've adapted our tactics manuals and trainings to adopt to the new requirements. But to make this happen our best pilots need to constantly feel the current "groove" and give feedback to the casual players. MWO is not broken, but much different. At least we still smile while playing - sometimes just a little tormented: "Mind-balancing"?