Gunslingers wanted

At a time when House Kurita was in financial trouble, many of the well-trained Draconian samurai became unemployed. they moved with their 'Mechs from Star League Base to Star League Base. There, they unleashed their displeasure by stepping out in front of the fortresses and challenging SLDF stationed Mech Warriors. Initially, only a few Star League warriors went to compete against this Ronin, but later more and more, although these duels were officially banned. The Ronin won these duels with terrifying regularity. As a result, the Gunslinger program of the SLDF was launched.

At the military academy Aphros on Venus only the best candidates arrived. Therefore, the Gunslinger badge (two crossed revolvers) on the uniform became a great honor. At the beginning of the program, duel statistics also improved dramatically. 2751 there were 300 Duels to 147 Draconic victories, 140 victories of the SLDF warriors and 13 draws.

Now in 3062, the Gunslinger program was revived by the Morgan's Lions.