Good bye 2018 and welcome 2019!

What a year. Much had to change in Mechwarrior, so it has. Nevertheless, not all were satisfied with the outcome. Solaris 7 was a barrel burst (and no C.A.S.E.) and was very disappointing from a player's point of view. But we are curious what the coming year. At least the anticipation of Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is rising at the horizon.

The GDPR forced us to play it safe and shut down the Comstar TS hub. The corresponding post was clicked over 6.700 times! This shows us that there was a demand. Once we feel more comfortable with the GDPR, we will tackle the topic again. But here are a few more statistics on 2018 we are proud of:

  • Unbelievable 3.870 forum posts in 2018
  • We count 47 pilots at the end of 2018, which is 20 more than a year ago
  • 100 training sessions with 6 to 20 mech pilots
  • An average of 61 mechs per 1RBR pilot
  • Sponsorship of 2 mechpacks by Rizzi

We would also like to thank the officers for their great support and organization, for the trainings, the member acquisition, the drop-leads, for helping us to get involved. As a small acknowledgment we want to give them the Royal Gold Star.

And thanks to all the members for your support, your dedication, your enthusiasm and your curiosity that made that possible.

Have a happy New Year!