Time for an extended report

This year we had our first off-line meeting in Hessian Büdingen. Not only that was a novelty for our unit, but also a warrior who brought BEARS steaks and his professional grill. These steaks were awesome!

Despite the doldrums on the part of PGI with regard to MWO, we have been able to count many new members. The Focht War College is currently overflowing with 18 members. So, we decided to reintroduce the Star League Assessment Test. Newly is that after joining each new member a one-month probationary period begins. Thereafter, the three-month period begins in which the placement test must have taken place. At this time, the recruit must have been in-game with us at least three times. In order for the test to be successful even for the newcomers, all new pilots are strongly advised to spend more time with their 'Mech, the card selection and a basic strategy for the three months ahead. Of course, the 1RBR members are on hand with advice and training time, which should promote integration.

  • In recent months there have been 2 tournaments. In June, we wore the "Gutelaune-Trail-Stock-Mech-Tunier" and Matt Redburn came out on top. Furthermore, recruit Noscream recently won a Linebacker Mechpack at the 1v1 "WLTEY Heavy Mech Tournament". On October 27th, the next so-called "Do it FAST not dirty" hit and run tournament is on and again you can win a Mech Pack of your choice.
  • Comp: Together with the 31st Hussars, we put together two comp groups of the best players who regularly trained and played. One group has made it to the semifinals as of today- congratulations pilots! We are proud of you and we keep our fingers crossed!
  • Living Legends: A little owed to the MWO doldrums, we are now starting to test Living Legends. Maybe this will establish a separate group with us, which plays regularly.
  • MW5 - Important message to the other units: With the release we will throw ourselves on it and play until we drop. That means it could come to interruptions or failures in the normal MWO game play operations. Please inform yourself in time about alternative opponents.

Lastly, a change of command at the Morgan's Lions is to be mentioned. Vortex will leave the command and be replaced by Mordoz, because he can no longer muster the time commitment. The leadership team wanted Vortex to stay with them, so Vortex may be called in as a "third voice" Captain on difficult questions. Also, worth mentioning is Mordoz's move from the CGB 140th Striker Cluster to the Morgan's Lions, where he has long enjoyed the utmost confidence.