Hyperpulse News

  • In the course of this year the Morgan's Lions have reinforced and our trainings have a lively participation. Nevertheless, we still want to drop and train with other units. So keep contacting us!

    Internally we introduced a SLDF test based on Clan Nova Cat traditions. Depending on the number of kills, each recruit can enter his or hers active service on a higher rank. In addition, each recruit receives a 1RBR Starter Manual for Mechwarrior Online. This will help newcomers quickly into the game…
  • News from SpOoKy777

    News from SpOoKy777
  • We invite every Lions to participate on our brand new tourney, Urbie-out-of-the-trash. Deadline is in 4 weeks (until 2017-04-10). Everyone can participate, there are no restrictions. The enemies are drawn by a knockout system.

    Mech of choice: Urbanmech with 1 medium laser and 1 mg with 1 ton ammo.

    By the way, the winner of "Urbie-out-of-the-trash" gets 30 day premium time!!
  • Das Jahr geht zu Ende und unseren riesen Dank an die gemeinsamen Drops mit der Black Outlaws Mercenary Company [-BO-], Cerberus Garde [CG], Hanseatic League of Free Mercenaries [MERC], Clan Snowraven [CSR] und dem 140th-Striker-Cluster [BEAR]! Auch im nächsten Jahr wollen wir wieder mit anderen Einheiten droppen und eine Menge Spass gemeinsam haben. Und an die, die noch eine neue Einheit suchen: Bewerbt euch, wir haben Kekse!