Hyperpulse News

  • Gunslingers wanted

    We have introduced a new type of award: The Gunslinger. We want to promote the competition and training of our 'Mech pilots. Every Morgan's Lion can now challenge the current holder of the title. If he wins, THE title will be shown in both the pilot dossier and the Gunslinger hall of fame.
  • It's 2018 and the zeitgeist has a name: change. And this has also fully penetrated into the MWO world and we call it here: balancing. But how do you deal with it as a medium-sized unit?
  • As you may have noticed, "Mechwarrior Online Teamspeak Hub" is no longer available. We have decided not to continue operating the site because of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which becomes effective.
  • Spring Update

    Since the last update a lot has happened. There was a 3025 Stock Mech Tournament in the first quarter and recently a Grand Melee carried out by the Ghost Bears. The winners received a Mech, premium time or a Solaris 7 Mechpack! In the last few months, the Morgan's Lions have grown to 35 and the Bears [BEAR] have also gained some winter fat and now count 9 pilots. Furthermore, we will have to shut down Comstar somewhere soon.